A Quick Trip To The States…

We have been enjoying ourselves so much that we have not made a blog entry in a while. Life is good.

A lot has transpired since our last post. In July we flew back to the US for a visit with family and friends and, as always, had a wonderful time catching up with everyone there. In New Mexico we got have some good time with Carter, our precious grandson and, of course his mom and dad. Since we were not around for Christmas, we took Carter to Toy-R-Us to do some shopping (after going to see the new Minion movie) and he and PopPop Bob had fun looking at toys.
Such boys!!

Who DOESN'T love toy shopping...
Who DOESN’T love toy shopping…

We were able to empty our storage unit and cancel it (yeah!!)

MORE stuff gone...
MORE stuff gone…

and gather all the paperwork needed for our residency visas in Panama to return with everything IN HAND. Definitely an accomplishment.

We then flew to Florida to see our other son and family and enjoy those three grandbabies before returning to Panama.

Gannon, Trinity and Nolan...
Gannon, Trinity and Nolan…

In mid August, we flew to Panama with our residency paperwork in our carry on luggage and one of the first things we did was submit the paperwork

Which expat doesn't know this building...
Which expat doesn’t know this building…

and (drumroll please) we were approved for pensionado residency. We have our temporary residency cards. Major accomplishment!!!!

I know our logo has always been one suitcase and two backpacks but it has been more difficult to find a short-term rental in the beach condo in Gorgona that we so enjoy so we decided to sign a one year lease starting November 1 and do our traveling with that as a home base. So this trip we had three suitcases and two backpacks so we could bring a few personal things to nest for a year. We find life is best when we are fluid with our plans and just figure the future out as we go along.

So we stayed with friends in Gorgona for a few days, stored some of our stuff with them and left Gorgona late in August with one suitcase and two backpacks on a long bus ride headed to David, Panama. In David some friends picked us up for the ride from there to Boquete, Panama where we will call home until the end of September. Look for pictures of this amazing part of Panama in our next blog.

Until then, safe travels and be happy. Life is good.

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